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After a controversial tweet by Steve Hofmeyr, the African National Congress (ANC) decided to join Phumzile van Damme in laying charges against him.

It looks like ANC and DA agrees that the correct way forward is to try to use the legal system to police his speech.

The ANC released a statement on Twitter in which it revealed its plans to lay criminal charges against Afrikaans Singer and Activist, Steve Hofmeyr.

The charges follow after Hofmeyr’s tweet aimed at Democratic Alliance MP Phumzile van Damme and South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark Zindzi Mandela.

In its statement, the ANC described Hofmeyr’s comments as “smacking of barbarism, ‘white supremacy,’ and ‘toxic’ masculinity.

“This in our eyes demonstrates white arrogance and is a textbook example of white privilege which must be nipped in the bud.”


Goodness me, why does the language used here sound like it’s coming from the American Far-left? Who writes these statements for them?

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortex? Some frustrated teenaged girl who spends too much time on Tumblr?


Hofmeyr’s tweet comes after Van Damme admitted to assaulting a teenage boy. She claims this was out of self-defense against his words (she claims he said “voetsek you black”) and his attitude.

Even if what Van Damme says is true, she technically still assaulted him.

Meanwhile, Mandela, the daughter of late president Nelson Mandela, called all white people “land thieves,” who must be “chased off the land.”

Mandela also claimed that Chris Barnard, the legendary Afrikaner doctor who performed the first heart surgery, learned the basics of Cardiology from his “black gardener.”


Will Steve Hofmeyr go to jail for his words? 

Will Van Damme get in trouble for assaulting the boy? 

Will Mandela get fired as Ambassador of South Africa in Denmark?