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We are very excited to announce plans for our next documentary at Pofadder Media. It will be about land expropriation in Zimbabwe.

We will be traveling, talking to Zimbabweans that worked on the farms there, to ask them what their lives were like, to work on a Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) farm, and how it changed after the farmers were kicked out.

We will also be talking to farmers that went back to Zimbabwe, and their workers, to ask them how they are all doing.

We will specifically focus on the ordinary people of Zimbabwe’s personal experience of what their lives were like after “taking back the land.”

Lastly, we will compare the populist Black Nationalist Rhetoric of Robert Mugabe with the (almost precisely the same) rhetoric used today by the ANC and the EFF.

After that, we will be doing a documentary on Zambia and the roughly 16 000 Afrikaners who are involved in Agriculture there.

This is a very positive story of great men who achieved massive success, turning a country with a virtually nonexistent Agricultural sector into one of the top food producers on the African continent, in less than 3 decades!

Zambia has had a very pro-farmer initiative for the last few decades and focused explicitly on drawing Afrikaner farmers to farm there.

This has seen massive successes in the last few years and communities have been uplifted from nothing to being functional by these farmers, ensuring a better future for the children of the workers on these farms.

We will be talking to the local communities in Zambia as well…

We will ask the local communities of Zambia how their lives were affected by the Afrikaner farmers that established themselves there in Zambia recently.

We will focus on the schools, hospitals, infrastructure, etc. that have been built by these farmers in Zambia.

All in all, what we aim to achieve, is to draw a clear distinction between what happens to the ordinary people when a government like Mugabe’s and the ANC’s goes through with this “take back the land” rhetoric, and what happens to them under a Farmer friendly government like Zambia.

We truly believe we can make a massive difference with these 2 documentaries, and let the truth, at least in the hearts of some, triumph over hatred spewed by our media and politicians.

Please, also, if you can afford it, help us sponsor the documentary. Even just a little bit helps, no help is too small!
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