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Shortly after da MP Phumzile van Damme assaulted a teenaged looking boy at the V&A Waterfront mall she caused an outrage on social media.  She doxxed both the boy and his mother by putting their photo on display to her hundred thousand plus followers on social media.

She claimed she punched the boy out of self-defense (against his words) after he said, and I quote “Voetsek you Black.”  Then she uploaded a video of herself harassing an employee at the mall, but she cut off the video just before he could answer. Her version of the story has raised many suspicions from all sides.

I put a post out on all of my social media accounts, asking for anyone who knew the family to contact me so that I can hear their side of the story.

Of course, this is what I do: bring the other side of the story, and this is what I’m going to do now. The rest of the media just copied van Damme’s statement as if it was the biblical truth. After I put this post on social media, I was contacted by a lady who was present at the situation.

What she saw was very different from the version van Damme put on social media. Here follows the witness’s account of the story:

Van Damme was confronted by a woman the woman she lighted doxxed, for pushing into the line at the clicks pharmacy. We don’t know whether Van Damme did push in, but we know there was a confrontation.

After the woman completed her business at Clicks, Van Damme followed her out of the mall, shouting at her.

The boy that was punched in the face by Van Damme (presumably the woman’s son) came in between her and his mother. That is when Van Damme hit him.

If you are not one of the hundreds of thousands of people who saw Van Damme’s post or read one of the articles written about this in the mainstream media, I will give a quick rundown of Van Damme’s side of the story.

She started by sharing a video of herself harassing an employee at the waterfront in the tweet below.

Then she doxxed the family by uploading their photo online and said:

“The family. This lady was filming me the entire time, so I tried to take photos & that little shit in the black t-shirt came to my face & came within my face & “voetsek you black” & threw on the ground. He was threatening violence so in self defense, I punched him in the head.”

So, apparently, Van Damme made up a fictional story to justify the fact that she assaulted a young boy, and of course to score herself some perpetual victim points. It was all started by a confrontation over her pushing into the line at the pharmacy, whether she did push in or not.

Van Damme could also not let this go and followed the family outside the mall to continue the fight.

Many people were asking why someone would film a random person on their phones for no reason, but now we know. Van Damme acted in a way that is, to say the least, justifiable to be filmed.

Of course, the fact that she was filmed escalated the situation much further, and it leads to her assaulting the boy. She claimed that this was in self-defense against his saying “voetsek you black,” but I have news for Van Damme. There would be no such thing as physical self-defense against his words even if he did say that you still assaulted him.

From what I could find out, there was no racial language whatsoever throughout the whole ordeal coming from the family Van Damme attacked.

Is this not the most typical modern South African story?