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Cape Town advocate Carlo Viljoen has offered to press legal charges against DA MP Phumzile van Damme. Van Damme had, by her admittance, assaulted a boy at the V&A Waterfront Mall in Cape Town. 

Watch the video:

I did a story on Van Damme’s actions, and how she doxxed a family on social media last week Friday. If anyone knows the family that was doxxed, if the family watches this, please email Advocate Viljoen at

It is just right that Van Damme is not above the law, and should be held accountable for her self confessed crimes. Also, the family could check in a substantial civil claim against Van Damme, because Van Damme did not only defame the family, she also committed a crime against the family and was the one in the wrong.

Even if everything Van Damme says is right, she still assaulted someone. Last time I checked, that was a crime in South Africa. You can’t claim to act in “self-defense” against someone’s words – Van Damme claims the boy said “voetsek you Black,” and that is the reason why she assaulted him.

I, however, heard an eyewitness’ account of what happened, and she told me the family did not have any aggressive language against Van Damme, and Van Damme was the only aggressor.

Also, I submitted a complaint at Van Damme’s direct superior, John Steenhuisen, for her unacceptable behavior.

Assaulting a member of the public for racial reasons, and then publically bragging about it, is most definitely not something one would expect from a sitting member of parliament in a party claiming to promote non-racialism, and “one South Africa for all.”

It is, however, behavior one would expect from the Ku Klux Klan 150 years ago!

I do this because it is my responsibility not to let a case like this go. Believe me; if we let this go, we will see many more examples like this soon.

So do your part as well by sending a complaint to John Steenhuisen as well.

His email address is

Sunday’s Rapport reports that van many DA colleagues of hers describe her as having a massive anger problem. One of the MP’s testified to Rapport that she once told him to “Fuck Off.” This is allegedly not uncommon behavior for Van Damme.

The last thing that I find unacceptable is the V&A Waterfront Mall’s reaction to this. They jumped the gun by throwing their employee under the bus after all he did was try to do the right thing.

Advocate Carlo Viljoen is a criminal law advocate in Cape Town. He is also the legal executive of the Cape Party.

In a statement provided to Pofadder Media, Viljoen said it is clear that Van Damme used the incident for political gain. He will be willing to assist the family in a criminal lawsuit, as well as a later civil claim, pro bono (for free).

Because Van Damme defamed them in public to her vast following on social media, after she first committed a crime against them, this is ground for a massive civil claim.

It would be very wise for the family to consider this as this will help them very much financially.

Here follows my complaint to Steenhuisen, and I will very much recommend everyone watching this also to submit complaints. His email address is, and the whole text of my complaint is available on my website, Pofadder Media.

Dear Mr. Steenhuisen

It has come to my attention that a sitting member of parliament in your party has committed a crime against a member of the public. She, by her admittance, assaulted an unknown individual, at the V&A Waterfront Mall, midday on Monday the seventeenth of June.

I also read in the Rapport on Sunday the twenty-third of June, that this is typical behavior for Van Damme to act in this manner. This behavior will not be a problem if it remains behind closed doors, but when it leads to physical assaults on members of the public in a racial attack, it becomes a big problem.

I trust the DA has learned from its mistake by not taking action against its youth leader after he got an innocent teacher fired for no reason. In Ms. Helen Zille’s own words, the DA was punished in Schweizer Reneke at the voting booths.

Failure to take action against Ms. van Damme would indicate vast hypocrisy of the DA’s side, and will most definitely result in another “punishment” at the voting booth.

Kind Regards
Willem Petzer

Will you also submit a complaint to John Steenhuisen?